Filing a Transport by way of Vesting

  • Step 1 - Get Documents prepared

    Attorney at Law

  • Step 2 - Pay necessary fees and duties

    At the Deeds Registry

  • Step 3 - Internal Processing of Transport

  • Step 4 - Certification and Passing of Transport

  • Step 5 - Issuing of Transport

What is a Transport by Vesting?

This is a Transport acquired by a person(s) who are beneficiaries under a Will or Heirs ab intestato i.e a person (s) inheriting property arising out of intestacy, where the deceased left no will.

What documents are required?

a) Original Transport (if no Transport, Lost Grosse application) b) Instruction to Advertise c) Affidavit of Vesting d) Affidavit of Renunciation (if applicable) e) Letters of administration or Probate f) Power(s) of Attorney (if applicable) g) Valuation h) Certificate of Compliance from M&CC or NDC


2 weeks of processing


General Fee - ¼ of 1% of value of property

Payment Methods

We only accept Cash and Manager’s Cheque as a payment option.

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