Filing a Lease

  • Step 1 - Draft and Submit Conveyance Documents

    Visit your Attorney

  • Step 2 - Pay Fees

    At your registry location

  • Step 3

    Advertisement of Conveyance

  • Step 4

    Draft Lease and Submit Deeds for Certification

  • Step 5

    Matter is Certified and Passed

  • Step 6

    Uplift Lease Deed

What is a Lease?

What documents are required?

a) Original Transport b) Instruction to Advertise c) Affidavit of Purchaser(s) and Vendors(s) d) Power(s) of Attorney (if applicable) e) Authorisation to Registrar of Deeds authorising the Executive Officer from Housing to sign on behalf of the Purchaser f) 2 witnesses to be present


6 weeks processing.


General Fee - ¼ of 1% on land value Land Duty - 1% of land value Building - 2% of Building

Payment Methods

We only accept Cash and Manager’s Cheque as a payment option.

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