Registering a Business Name

  • Step 1

    Fill out an Application Form

  • Step 2

    Submit Application and Pay Prescribed Fees

  • Step 3

    Uplift certificate after 3 business days

What is a Business Name?

A Business name is a name or style under which any business is carried on, whether in a partnership or otherwise. Any individual above the age of 18 may apply for a business name.

What documents do i need?


3 working days per application.


1. Processing fee - $6000 Guyana Dollars 2. Renewal fee – $2,500 Guyana Dollars 3. Statement of Change – $2,000 Guyana Dollars

Payment Methods

We only accept Cash Payments up to $100,000.00 and any amount above is to be paid via a Manager’s Cheque as a Payment Option.

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