Filing a Transport by Prescriptive Rights

  • Step 1 - Get Documents prepared

    Attorney at Law

  • Step 2 - Pay necessary fees and duties

    At the Deeds Registry

  • Step 3 - Internal Processing of Transport

  • Step 4 - Certification and Passing of Transport

  • Step 5 - Issuing of Transport

What is a Transport by Prescriptive right?

Transports acquired via Order of Court stating its satisfaction that the Petitioner has acquired title to land by occupation exclusively for 12 years or more. This Order when registered at the Deeds Registry is as good as a transport.

What documents are required?

a) Instructions b) Copy of Order of Court c) Plan d) Affidavit e) Current Valuation f) Power of Attorney (if applicable)


2 weeks of processing.


General Fee - ¼ of 1% of value Duty – 2% of value

Payment Methods

We only accept Cash and Manager’s Cheque as a payment option.

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