Creating a Limited Power of Attorney

  • Step 1 - Draft your Power of Attorney

    Visit your local Legal Person

    Lawyers, JPs and Notary Public

  • Step 2 - Submit Document to Registry

    Either you or legal representative

  • Step 3 - Processing Fees

    Pay registry fees and verify document

  • Step 4 - Collect Document

    Collect Power of Attorney Document

Power of Attorney

Where a party is represented by his/her duly constituted Attorney, there must be lodged a certified, updated copy of a registered Power of Attorney.

What documents do i need?

a) Power of Attorney Documents must be created by a legal person. b) Documents must be signed by a Notary Public/Guyana Consulate c) 2 witnesses to be present


3 working days


General Fee - $20 Duty - $100 Copy - $10

Payment Methods

We only accept Cash and Manager’s Cheque as a payment option.

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