Deeds Registry

Why Should I Apply for a Lease?2018-01-03T22:31:13+00:00

A lease is a legal contract between parties that governs payments over the use of some asset.

Who Can Apply for a Lease?2018-01-03T22:30:46+00:00

Anyone who is of sound mind.

Why Should I Apply for a Transport?2018-01-03T22:29:54+00:00

A transport serves as evidence of ownership of a property. Originals are kept at Deeds Registry.

Who Can Apply for a Transport?2018-01-03T22:29:26+00:00

Anyone who is of sound mind.

Why Should I Apply for a Deed Poll?2018-01-03T22:28:58+00:00

A deed poll is necessary for binding a single person or group to express an active intention. E.g. in name changes, partitioning land.

Who Can Apply for a Deed Poll?2018-01-03T22:28:30+00:00
  • Anyone who is of sound mind.
  • All documents involved in processing must be created by a legal practitioner in the presence of two witnesses.
Why Should I Apply for a Deed of Gift2018-01-03T22:27:53+00:00

Used to voluntarily gift/transfer ownership of your property to another person.

Who Can Apply for a Deed of Gift?2018-01-03T22:27:05+00:00
  • Anyone who is of sound mind.
  • All documents involved in processing must be created by a legal practitioner in the presence of two witnesses.
Why Should I Apply for a Trust Deed?2018-01-03T22:25:01+00:00

It is used to transfer property to a third party (trustee) who holds the property as security for a transaction between two parties.

Who Can Apply for a Trust Deed?2018-01-03T22:25:21+00:00
  • Anyone who is of sound mind.
  • All documents involved in processing must be created by a legal practitioner in the presence of two witnesses.
Why Should I Apply for a Power of Attorney?2018-01-03T22:23:29+00:00

It acts as authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf in business, private affairs, and legal matters.

Who can Apply for a Power of Attorney?2018-01-03T22:23:02+00:00
  • Anyone who is of sound mind.
  • All documents involved in processing must be created by a legal practitioner in the presence of two witnesses.

Commercial Registry

What is the difference between a Company and a Business Name?2018-01-04T13:17:40+00:00

A business name does not separate the entity from the owner, which means that the owner of the business is responsible and liable for all debts incurred by the business.

A company is a separate legal entity from the owner and carries limited liability.

Can a Company be changed from Profit to Nonprofit?2018-01-04T13:16:26+00:00

The Articles of Incorporation will have to be amended to reflect such changes following the prescribed form set out in the Fourth Schedule of the Companies Act Chapter 89:01.

Why Should I Register an External Company?2018-01-04T13:15:36+00:00

An external company cannot legally carry on any undertaking in Guyana until it is registered (under the Companies Act Chapter 89:01).

Why Should I Incorporate a Company?2018-01-04T13:14:09+00:00
  • It protects you from personal liability.
  • Without the legal protection of limited liability, you could lose your company/business and personal property if you become bankrupt.
Who Can Incorporate a Company?2018-01-04T13:04:09+00:00

Anyone above the age of eighteen (18) years old, not bankrupt and is not of unsound mind.

Can I Be a Trustee/Beneficiary For a Business Of The Estate Of a Deceased?2018-01-04T13:02:43+00:00

A trustee letter is required and the trustee would need to fill out the trustee form R.B.N 2a pursuant to S4, Business Names Act Chapter 90:05.

Can I Register a Business If I Reside Out Of The Jurisdiction?2018-01-04T13:01:59+00:00

A person residing outside of Guyana may register a business within Guyana, by using the prescribed form and attaching a valid copy of the applicant’s passport accompanied by a registered copy of a Power of Attorney.

What Are The Consequences If One Party (Buyer/Borrower) Fails To Fulfill Their Obligation Based On The Conditions As Specified In The Bill Of Sale?2018-01-04T12:58:44+00:00

The other party (lender/seller) may seize or repossess the moveable asset that is involved in the transaction through the registered bill of sale.

What is the Estimated Duration for Processing a Bill of Sale?2018-01-04T12:56:44+00:00
  • A new Bill of Sale will be processed in three weeks and ready for receipt by the applicant.
  • Affidavit of Renewal and Memorandum of Satisfaction of Bill of Sale are processed within three business days.
Satisfaction of Bill of Sale2018-01-04T12:53:58+00:00

When a loan or purchase has been paid off, a memorandum of satisfaction along with a declaration verifying such executed by a Commissioner of Oaths, must be registered with a certified or original copy of the bill as evidence that the bill of sale is satisfied pursuant to Section 13 of bill of act Cap 90:12. Laws of Guyana.

How Do I Renew a Bill of Sale?2018-01-04T12:51:08+00:00
  • In the event that the bill of sale has not been terminated by satisfaction, an affidavit of renewal executed by a commissioner of oaths must be registered with the sail bill of sale attached, to indicate that the bill is still in force.
  • However, if a bill of sale has passed the three year period, and is not yet satisfied an order of court Pursuant to Section 12 of the Bill of Sale Act, Cap 90:12 MUST be attached to the aforementioned in order to renew the bill of sale.
How Long is a Bill of Sale Valid?2018-01-04T12:48:50+00:00
  • A bill of sale is valid for three (3) years.
  • The bill of sale is renewed once at least every three years and if a period of three years elapses, the registration shall become void.
Who Can Register a Bill of Sale?2018-01-04T12:47:26+00:00

A bill of sale can be registered by anyone.

How Long Does Patent Protection Last?2018-01-04T12:45:44+00:00
  • The term of a patent is 20 years from the date on which the application is filed.
  • A renewal fee is required annually.
  • When the patent rights expire, the technology becomes public property and the public is free to use it for their own good.
Who Can Register a Patent?2018-01-04T12:46:28+00:00

Any person who claims to be the true and first inventor of an invention – whether he/she is a Commonwealth citizen or not, and whether alone or jointly with any other person. This is done through a Patent agent.

Would My Local Registered Trademark Be Registered Internationally?2018-01-04T12:37:38+00:00

Protection of your Trademark will only be valid in Guyana once registered. For your Trademark to be protected internationally you must file within the jurisdictions you wish to have commenced undertakings.

How Long Does Trademark Protection Last?2018-01-04T12:36:11+00:00

The validity of a trademark registration from the filing date is seven (7) years, it can be renewed for a further fourteen (14) years period by paying a renewal fee consecutively.

What is the Estimated Duration for Processing a Trademark?2018-01-04T12:35:30+00:00

A certificate of registration is the final step for a Trademark, which takes approximately two to three months after all requirements have been satisfied.

Why Should I Register a Trademark?2018-01-04T12:34:43+00:00
  • To protect your brand, and it also provides you with the tools to prevent someone from using similar signs.
  • Also as your product or service becomes successful, the trademark itself starts to develop an intrinsic value.
  • Business investors will assess whether you have taken the appropriate trademark protection to secure your brand.
Who Can Register a Trademark?2018-01-04T12:33:48+00:00

A trademark can be registered by the producer or through a Trademark Agent.

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